Top Exciting careers in the UK in 2023

Top 15 Exciting Careers to Pursue in the UK in 2023

Career opportunities in the UK are countless and the salaries are high enough to meet your financial aspirations. Here, we have listed the top 15 exciting careers to pursue in the UK. When choosing a job career for ourselves, personal motivations come first in our top lifetime priorities. There are several exciting careers to pursue in the UK and without mincing words, one can say getting a fulfilling career is crucial in one’s decision-making.

top 15 careers to pursue in the UK

Here is a list of the top 15 exciting careers to pursue in the UK:

Aircraft Controllers

Outstanding leadership abilities, as well as mental and professional readiness, are necessary for this position. These workers’ compensation, as well as their level of physical and mental preparation, are all influenced by this enormous responsibility.

If you work as an aircraft controller in the UK, you’ll earn around £1,960 per week, thus making this job one of the highest paid in the UK. You don’t need a specific degree to qualify for this job, but there are a lot of examinations, tests, and training sessions to get qualified.

Aircraft Controller | Royal Navy Jobs in the Fleet Air Arm

Chief Executive and Senior Officials

Chief executives are in charge of organizing and coordinating all financial activities in a company. They are responsible for making important decisions ranging from daily to long-term financial planning strategies. Their duties also include the appointment of senior managers and heads of specific departments within the company and mentoring their activities.

Usually, a degree in business-related subjects and at least 3 years of experience are required to get a job as a chief executive. In addition to degree qualifications, employers search for individuals with personal and leadership skills. It is estimated that a chief executive and a senior official earn about £1,725 per week, hence it has been listed as one of the top 15 exciting careers to pursue in the UK.

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Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

The UK has one of the most developed aeronautical systems in terms of the extensive network of airlines and its modern infrastructure, hence, it is ranked as one of the top 15 exciting careers to pursue in the UK. Based on official calculations, aircraft pilots and flight engineers earn on average £1,491.

Although there are strict schedules you need to meet on the daily basis, it is totally worth seeking a career regarding financial profits. Flight Engineers must at least have a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and relevant experience to get hired, whereas Aircraft Pilots must need a specific education for pilots and a certain number of hours of flying practice to get a license.

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Aircraft pilots and engineers are UK's highest paid workers | Daily Mail Online

Marketing and Sales Directors

Marketing and Sales Directors make it into the list of the top careers to pursue in the UK. According to the official calculations, a marketing and sales director earns £1,397 per week.

To qualify for this job, you must typically have a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects. However, other types of degrees are acceptable if a certain relevant experience is included.

Sales and Marketing Manager Job Description

Legal Professionals

A degree in law opens up countless job opportunities to you in several sectors. It is estimated that on average a law graduate earns £1,349.3 per week. To enter this job market, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree in the subject. If you get a higher degree you will certainly find a better job and earn more.

LLM Legal Professional Practice Full-time 2023/24 | Sheffield Hallam University

Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors

Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors are in charge of maintaining a company’s common computer system. If you ever get this job in the UK, you can expect to earn around £1,380 per week.

A Computer Science degree or in a related field may not always be necessary to get this type of job, although it may give you an advantage over other candidates.

Telecommunications Director Job Description, Certification and Salary


Brokers are among the top careers to pursue in the UK and earn an average of £1,250 per week – more than three times the national average wage. To start a career as a stock market broker, a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects is necessary, but a higher qualification is highly recommended.

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Financial Managers and Directors

Financial Managers and Directors are responsible for monitoring the company’s finance. They make regular financial analyses and provide professional guidance to senior managers. According to the official estimations, a Financial Manager and Director earn around £1,247 per week.

To qualify for this type of job, employers usually search for candidates who hold a degree in management-related subjects and relevant experience.


Medical Practitioners

Medical professionals are amongst the highest-paid employees in the UK. There are many roles you can get in this sector and thus the range of salaries is enormous. On average, it is estimated that healthcare professionals earn around 1,220 per week in the UK.

Usually, you must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine which will take at least five years to complete, and relevant experience.

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541,391 Medical Practitioner Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Advertising and Public Relations Directors

Advertising and Public Relations agents are in charge of targeting the company’s audience and use different advertising means to create a proper image of their company. A Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, or communications can be typically required to succeed in finding a well-paid job in the Advertising and Public relations sector.

If you get hired as an agent of Advertising and PR in the UK, you will expect to earn around £1,160 per week.

Public relations (PR) director - career guide and latest jobs


As a teacher, you can teach at a primary, secondary, and tertiary institution. In most universities, Professors are one of the most senior academic staff. Professors can follow a research career, a teaching career, or a combination of the two. Some relevant academics are – faculty, lecturer, instructor, research fellow, research assistants, etc.

The average base salary for a professor is £63,427 per year in the United Kingdom. For instance, if you wish to be a Professor in London, the average salary is £84,597. And the total pay can range from £59,000 to £100,000 depending on experience.


Software Developer

Software developers are in charge of designing, creating, and managing the company’s computer software as well as websites and applications. Although you don’t need a college degree to become a software developer, courses and boot camps can help you enhance your knowledge of many programming languages, including Python. The starting salary of a software developer is £25,628.

Systems Analyst vs. Software Developer: Complementary Technical Experts | Maryville Online

Electrical Engineer

They are responsible for designing, developing, and testing electrical systems. To work as an electrical engineer in the UK, you must have a degree in electrical engineering or electronic engineering.

You might potentially be able to enter this field with a degree in electromechanical engineering, mechatronics, or applied physics. The starting salary is £26,829. It is one of the top 15 exciting careers to pursue in the UK.

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Economists carry out research, gather information, and analyze data using different mathematical models and statistical techniques. To become an economist, you need an undergraduate degree in economics or related subjects like accounting, finance, or mathematics. The starting salary is £35,192. It is one of the top 15 exciting careers to pursue in the UK.

How To Become an Economist - Degrees & Careers

Life Coach

Working as a Life Coach will make you a trained professional who aims to provide help and guidance for clients. Many life coaches are qualified in a Level 3 Life Coach course. Some Life Coaches look into higher qualifications such as a Level 5 Life coach course, to increase earnings. The starting salary is £16,000. It is one of the top 15 exciting careers to pursue in the UK.


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