Top Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

Nursing is one of the world’s best and most respected health professions, encompassing dealing with and caring for the sick, supporting those in need, and assisting in times of war and tragedy. This article will discuss the highest-paying countries for nurses or those seeking nursing jobs.

Here is a list of highest paying countries for nurses;

1. Luxembourg –  $91,000 

Top Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

Luxembourg is one of the countries with the highest pays for nurses in the world, but it is very difficult to get a job as a nurse. Foreign nurses seeking employment in Luxembourg must have the required language abilities, including fluency in French, German, and/or Luxembourgish. Only adult nurses or nurses working under a general plan need a license.

2. Denmark – $87,436 

Top Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

The Danish Patient Safety Authority monitors all care permit applications from non-EU citizens. Three alternative application processes are available, including ones for Nordic nations, EU members, and other nations. In Denmark, the main part is the language test. These tests are given twice a year in May/June and November/December. In Denmark, you cannot work as a nurse if you are older than 75.

3. Canada – $75,660

Top Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

In Canada, registered nurses are governed by the Ontario College of Nursing. The board must grant licenses to international applicants following a process of background checks, interview questions, and tests. According to the website, the registration process needs three to 18 months to complete. A visa is required in order to work in Canada and can be obtained there after being notarized.

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4. Virgin Islands – $72,000 

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The Virgin Islands are the perfect getaway for those who fear long winters and long for sunshine. The average wage depends on each island’s economic stability and available medical facilities. The Virgin Islands Nursing Licensing Commission supervises all applicants. Applicants must pass the Foreign Nursing School Alumni Board exam.

5. Australia – $69,699

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Compared to domestic travel, becoming an international nurse takes more preparation. The fact that English is Australia’s official language and there is no language barrier is a significant selling point. The majority of foreign nurses collaborate with a nursing organization that is knowledgeable about international travel regulations. Applying for a job and handling the required documentation on one’s own is uncommon.

6. Switzerland – $64,793 

Top Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

One of the highest-paying countries for nurses is Switzerland. The Swiss Red Cross oversees all licensing requirements for international nurses. All applicants must be fluent in one of the official national languages (Italian, French, or German) in order to qualify. There are no exceptions to this rule at all. Although some hospitals claim that English is appropriate for hospital work, the board does not concur.

7. Ireland – $48,000 

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Ireland has evolved significantly throughout time. As a result of economic growth, nurse pay has increased. According to the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization, a staff nurse’s average income after a great deal of experience is €42,000 ($48,000). Permanent nursing positions typically give 39 hours per week on average. Nurses are in great demand because they can provide a wide range of primary care services. Funding of advanced formal academic programs that would aid in career advancement is among the nursing incentives given to nurses.

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8. Norway – $46,050

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Norway is an oil-rich nation with one of the highest standards of living in the world. The average yearly salary for a registered nurse is $50,000, but it can hit $100,000 for people with extensive experience or higher levels of schooling. Four regional health authorities provide healthcare to Norway’s southeast, west, central, and northern regions. Despite having an average pay of $46,050, nurses can make up to $100,000 based on their experience and specialty. The average life expectancy in Norway is increasing steadily, according to Statistics Norway. Over the next ten years, Norway will require 95,000 to 135,000 more healthcare professionals.

9. Italy – $30,179 

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Nurses in Italy are required to pass the Italian Nursing Council’s language exam as well as receive a nursing license that an Italian hospital sponsors. If this occurs, you will need to apply for a visa at the Italian Embassy. Rome, Florence, and Milan all have a sizable English-speaking hospital population. It is unclear if nurses employed by these facilities are required to pass the test’s language component.

10. Dubai – $23,316 

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Dubai is now one of the richest and most luxurious places in the world. The nurse’s salaries on average are significantly lower than those in other Middle Eastern nations. The contract criteria for nurses working in Dubai are more stringent than those in other nations. Visas are not needed for visitors, although they are needed for nurse transfers. Women must always be covered and separated from males while they are in public.


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